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Conning Asset Management




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Their Story

Conning is an investment management firm which was founded in 1912. Their mission statement gives you a very good indication who they are, taking care of their clients is centre to their business.


Their Interior Fitout

By understanding how Conning worked in their office gave us a great understanding of how their new office should be. Firstly we wanted make sure that the new office would provide the best possible environment for visiting client and staff. The functional solution for the day to day running of their business was also essential part of the brief.


From the information provided, we designated cellular office spaces and open plan environments for staff. Meeting rooms were maximised to support their client focused collaborative culture. The AV facility was an important factor within each room along with the lighting and that all important branding identity. Sound proofing was another necessity to provide a quality space free from interference from other meetings.


The reception was developed as a holding space but needed to reflect Connings distinctive brand. The tea point area needed to reflect a sense of quality along with the informal meeting areas which are more of a focal point to the space. Various furniture products were used to provide the right solution for each area in terms of their function and quality.