Architectural Interiors are leading commercial interior specialists. Our core business areas are office design, fit out and furniture installations.


Here at Architectural interiors we recognise that the way in which we operate and conduct our business has both a direct and indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment. We are thus committed to preventing pollution and continually improving the environmental performance of our products & services, office locations and supply chain.


We recognise that we are in a position to make a positive difference to climate change within our business and can influence the decisions our clients, subcontractors and suppliers make.

It is our intention to:

• Adhere to and work beyond both current and anticipated UK and European health and safety, environmental and waste legislation.


• Implement an energy strategy that: 1. Improves energy efficiency; and 2. Sources products and services from sustainable sources wherever possible.


• Reduce our carbon footprint by reworking strategies for energy efficiency, transportation, and supply chain management where appropriate.


• Ensure that employees at all levels are receiving appropriate training and education in environmental issues and fully understand the effects of their activities on the environment.

• Include environmental performance in selection criteria when appointing suppliers and subcontractors and provide them with appropriate environmental training to enable them to perform their duties in an environmentally sensitive manner. In line with the growth of the business we will continually set and review objectives and targets in order to evolve our plan. Architectural Interiors Ltd are meeting this corporate responsibility through the implementation of an approved Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001 standard.

Endorsed by: Robin Davis UK Managing Director For and on Architectural Interiors Ltd