Office Furniture


Bums on seats - or is it?

Open Plan Office Furniture


We strive to provide a furniture solution that suits your individual business.  Our designers will advise on the best way to achieve your goal through our space planning and our design services.  Then they will explain why one furniture range is preferable to another making sure that the furniture fulfils your functional and aesthetic needs.


It is one thing providing furniture but another to provide the right type of system for your business.


Furniture Selection


Being able to select any furniture manufacturer means we provide an uncompromised opinion and value for money.  We can provide a mock-up of your chosen furniture range so you can try it in your office.  Alternately, we can visit the manufacturer to view the range.  Our expertise and experience in space planning, installation and project management also extends to re-configuring furniture you may already own.


We offer bespoke joinery, soft seating, to all types of system furniture, whether it is purchased, leased or rented.


Our Furniture Process:

1.  We can work with you to select the right furniture and specification.

2.  We will invite you to furniture showrooms and other sites to see various

     furniture ranges.

3.  A member of our team will analysis and identify your specific installation

     requirements and expectations.

4.  We will provide storage crates on an agreed date for your personal belongings.

5.  Our specialist team will pack your computer equipment if required.



6.  Every phase of the furniture installation will be supervised and monitored by 

     one of our Project managers so you have one point of contact before, during and

     after the installation.

7.  Our installation team will construct your new furniture to an agreed time scale.

8.  We will liaise and agree with your internal teams on specifics such

     as data & power.  

9.  we will install new power and data cables for each workstation if required.

10.  We will provide all checks after the installation making sure that each

     workstation is the right specification. 

11. We also provide IT check lists if required tailored to suite your needs.


Office Furniture Projects


Selecting the right furniture for your space is crucial. We will look at ergonomic considerations, think of the function for which it’s intended and make sure there is capacity for adequate power and data services.