Office Refurbishment

Thinking of moving your business?

Consider Office Refurbishment instead!

The best office refurbishments can free up space which you thought you didn’t have. Office Refurbishment can also save you the cost and upheaval of moving to new offices. No re-ordering of brochures, letter heads etc. and less likely to lose staff through relocating.


We work with you right from the very start of the design process gathering information on what you want to achieve with your project. Our team will analyse your requirement and provide you with the very best design options.


Refurbishment in occupied offices is another aspect that sometime needs to be considered. These types of projects have to be planned correctly by phasing or temporary accommodation for your business to avoid disruption. Our staff has a lot of experience with these types of projects and can advise you on the best solution.



Our main aim is to work with you inspiring the design process and delivering a functional environment which is exciting for you staff and clients.

Our services include

a. Space planning and design

b. Building evaluations

c. Project management

d. Office refurbishment in occupation

e. Office furniture specification and installation

f. IT and telecommunications installation

g. Heating and ventilation specification

h. Landlord negotiations

i. Planning permission and approvals

j. Health and safety

k. Green issues regarding refurbishment

What We Do

Changing your workplace


Is it best to stay in your existing office or move to new premises? If you’re thinking of staying but don’t like an aspect of your office or want to change an area then think about our office refurbishment service.


With our designers we can help you turn your existing office environment into a functional exciting space, a place where you want to work. We can make the most of your existing space.


One of the most important factors in any office refurbishment is the day to day running of your business.


Our team will work with you to come up with a plan to avoid any disruption to your business so you remain operational through the duration of the project.





Avoiding Disruption!

How do we avoid disruption?

a. Phase the construction into small projects.

b. Work out of hours.

c. Work at weekends.

d. Move your teams to a temporary area.

e. Introduce working from home.

f.  Hotdesking.

There are many different methods to minimise the disruption to your business during the construction phase, our team will help you to decide on the best approach, as we understand that all projects are different and your business model is quite specific.

Take a Look at our finished projects

Thinking of changing your office layout? want to add more offices or take them away to create an open plan area?


Our office refrubishment service can help you achieve your goal. Our dedicated team of designers are very experienced in refurbishment project and can assist with your ideas every step of the way.


Architectural Interiors has a tried and tested methodology, involving you as much or as little as you wish. We work with you as your business partner taking you through every step from concept to completion.


Office Refurbisment is an alternative process to moving your premises. Sometime it's much more cost effective to refurbish your office.