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Dell & Perot Systems provides technology-based business solutions for industries such as healthcare and financial companies.  Their array of services support business strategies and facilitate improvements for their clients long term needs.


The Brief

The aim of this refurbishment was to create a contemporary and stylish environment to support their business culture. They also wanted a space which delivered an unparalleled customer experience but at the same time wanted a space which works for their staff.


At the briefing stage elegant but functional were adjectives used and we successfully translated there vision into a reality. With the use of high quality sustainable materials we were able to create the right balance of branding together with a truly functional office.


The Result

The office has two quite different sides to it, firstly it has a very focused and versatile area for visiting clients and staff. The state of the art reception area is complemented with hot-desking and temporary offices and specilist AV tech. On the other side a very functional but effective office environment for staff and perots development teams. These two quite distinctive office working areas even thought have very different functions, do increase mobility and collaboration between people visiting and permanent staff within the office.