Office Fitout

QBE London









Architectural Interiors Ltd

The Brief.

QBE asked us to design a space for them which needed to be exciting but multi-functional. A space where staff and clients can be adaptable share meeting spaces, hot-desking, touch down and breakout areas. They wanted a place where staff and visitors can collaborate effectively. We discussed their day to day office functions on a very detailed level and worked very closely with them to deliver an exciting but fuctional office environment. Their goal was to create an inviting space for all, but an office where healthy working practices are available to staff and visiting clients.

What we delivered.

This office was a very bold statement with lots of different work settings which are quite thought provoking and unique. Various meeting rooms provide a variety of different functions and facilities including smart AV equipment and touch screen technologies. The reception also supported state-of-the-art tech and QBE's corporate branding was Initiated throughout. All areas were very well thought out in line with QBE’s vision, the coloured glass walls allows light to pass through cellular spaces without compromise and the lighting was thought about in great detail.

Our selection of furniture played an important role within this office design. Classic Knoll and bespoke items at the front of house, re-enforcing the office with functional quality products setting the scene for QBE.

Back of house spaces have lots of alternative work settings to promote healthy working practices. Including multifunctional workspaces, hot-desking / offices, meeting areas and break out facilities. All high spec materials are a reflection of the companies luxury look and feel, this interior is truly a showcase and demonstrates quality and great attention to detail.