Office Space Planning

Space planning your office doesn’t have to be difficult!


Architectural Interiors has been planning office for the past 20 years and we know exactly how to facilitate any type business model, for example: an accounting firm would have very different space requirements compared to a media company.


All business’s change!


By considering flexibility and growth at the early stage of your office fit-out, you will make sure you are prepared for the future and ultimately save time and money in the long term.

What is Space Planning?


Space planning is not just about who sits where, there are many legal requirements that have to be considered before the building process starts, such as staff welfare, power and data, accommodation standards. Even the position of a chair at a workstation has to be considered at the space planning and design stage before the furniture is ordered!


Every business whether it’s big or small has to comply with the current regulations. We have planned offices ranging from 2,000sqft to 65,000sqft and we always consider your requirements and consult with you at the space planning stage, this is to make sure we get it right for you from the start!


What we have to consider when space planning.


As the basis of every office design company, space planning is fundamental to our business. We will work with you very closely at the briefing stage to gather as much information from you as possible. Here are a few things that we will need to discuss with you before we put the drawing together.

Space planning standards:


We will work out with you: the sqft per person, sizes of meeting rooms, discuss sizes of teapoints or kitchen requirements, photocopy / fax areas, reception requirements, comms room facility and of course your individual storage needs.


These are just a few of the considerations which we will discuss with you when space planning your office.

Legal considerations:


The legal implications for space planning your workplace are a very important process. Legislation has to be considered and adhered to without exception. Types of things we have to consider on your behalf is;


a. Fire safety,

b. Building access,

c. Disabled discrimination act (DDA),  

d. workplace health and safety including welfare and building regulations part ‘B’ etc.

e. Building regulations

Building Services:


We can also look and tailoring your building services to meet your new requirements.


We can look at the air-conditioning to make sure that it will cope with your increased headcount for example. We can also see if your ventilation, heating, lighting, power and data are sufficient to accommodate your staff.



Flexibility and Growth:



Building flexibility and growth within you space plan is a very important thing to consider.

We will need to know your business projected headcount so we can make the provisions for your expansion. By considering your future growth, we will need to take into account the flexibility within your space, for example how easy would it be to move a department to a different location within the same building in terms of your IT system?


Power & Data provisions:


To make your space plan realistic and to confirm that it works! We need to consider the power and data within your workplace. Some buildings have access floors which makes it very easy to plan your chosen configuration. Some older buildings are not so easy and only have a perimeter trunking systems or access from the ceilings, this can limit the supply of power and data cables making office planning challenging but not impossible to achieve!


For these types of services it is very important to make sure that they are as flexible and accessible as possible. Our space planning and electrical team can help you with this and provide you with the best possible configuration for your chosen building.

Our Office Space Planning Services:

Building Evaluation:


By comparing your shortlist of offices through space planning, you will make the best informed decision on your new office space. We will help you to find out which office space is the most cost effective for your business.

Office Feasibility Studies:


Sounds complicated but it isn’t!


Feasibility studies will help you decide on how much office space you really need for your business. We will consider department adjacencies, analysis of your storage requirement and investigate new ways of working that suite your business.

By test fitting your staff  into a prospective building, it will become clear which office space is the right environment for your team.

Office Furniture:


Selecting the correct furniture product is a big decision.


We will guild you through the ranges available. We want to help you make the right choice of furniture, whether you are a call center or a large financial firm even if you just want new reception furniture! We are here to help.


By space planning a few different ranges of furniture into your chosen building or floor, you will instantly see which product is the right one for you. 


Without a space planning service it would make the process difficult in choosing the right furniture for your business.