Office Refurbishment

Steer Davies Gleave





Steer Davies Gleave




Architectural Interiors Ltd

The Brief

The design for Steer Davies Gleeve was focused on the reception and cooperative meeting spaces. Our brief from them was to provide a reception area which was more up to date where materials and colour was more of a consideration. SDG also wanted to increase the number of collaborative spaces which needed adaptable to different settings. Attention to materials and technologies was a prime consideration.


The Interior

These sorts of spaces require some investigation into how the business is run. Once we had understood their vision, we designed a welcoming space which was flexible and modern in its aesthetic. Small informal meeting facilities were put together alongside more formal meeting spaces which are equipped with the latest AV presentation equipment. Movable walls help to make the space more accommodating to different types of meetings and presentations.


This is a unique space and is now an asset to SDG. The function and visual impact were well researched in creating the right environment.