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Relish & UK Broadband





UK Broadband




Architectural Interiors Ltd

UK broadband and Relish provide business 4G systems for commercial clients and are the largest commercial holder of the radio spectrum and are part of three UK.


The Process

We worked very closely with UKB and their landlord in their office development. Firstly we carried out surveys interviews to understand who UKB are in terms of their culture and office environment. The results showed that they required more of a collaborative approach which they weren’t adopting in their existing space.


The work was done in phases included weekends and evening to avoid as much disruption as possible. The project was achieved within the time frame and on budget.


What we delivered

From the moment you walk into the office space we wanted it to feel inviting for clients, visitors and staff understand the UKB brand. Collaborative spaces are accessed from the reception, all rooms feature intelligent AV and up to date technologies to re-enforce their identity.


The flexible open plan space incorporates breakout spaces and tea points at either end of the office creating a relaxed environment. Glass partitioning divides cellular and open plan spaces without the need for imperious segregation.


The philosophy of this office is a collaborative culture but not forgetting the brand and wellbeing of all staff.