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Architectural Interiors Ltd

Their Story

Vitol is an energy commodities company which were formed in 1966. Their responsibilities lie in distribution of energy around the world in the best way possible. They believe that people are the most important. They understand that their value as a company descends from them.


Workplace Analysis

We carried out a detailed study on their working model to provide a solution to improve. Surveys and interviews were conducted to gain an insight into Vitol’s culture, wellbeing and philosophy. From this exercise, we were able to provide a solution to improve their working space.


What we delivered

As soon as you arrive at the reception we wanted to convey that you were visiting a company who invest in people. This relaxing area has clear glass partition around, so you can see the whole office and the people working within it.


Vitol’s brand is toned down and focus is aimed on function and quality. This refurbishment in occupation was a challenge and had to be phased very meticulously at the early stages.


Our team worked fast to complete this space to avoid the disruption as much as possible. The open plan area is maximised for staff, but not without forgetting Vitol’s important statements that people come first. Tea points are open within the office environment. Preparation rooms, toilets and other storage facilities are positioned around the core to provide as much light as possible to flow through the space.


Meeting rooms/ board room are flexible spaces. These meeting facilities cater for the needs and function of Vitol’s office. AV, lighting, communication and material finishes are of a high specification supporting Vitol’s culture and wellbeing.