Workplace Consultancy

We want to get to know your business

and save you some money?


The purpose of our consultancy is to understand your workplace, we take time to get to know you and your business and work out whether you need to move or improve? Our goals are to improve your business model and save you money through saving rentable space which is poorly utilised or unused.


Our aim to understand your corporate structure, plans for future growth and all your technical requirements. Through interviewing key members of staff we create a written report which includes organisational charts, block planning, space standards plus detailed headcount and floor area requirements. This allows us to understand what is best for your business.


Once we've finished the analyse we can present our finding to you and discuss your options, should you move or improve? or are you going to save money on unwanted space?

Saving you business money

through a workplace strategy!

Understanding you



By understanding your business in detail through our workplace strategy we can find out what we need to do to improve your office space. Whether it’s moving departments, changing furniture products, improving technologies  or using space that you never thought was possible, we can find ways to improve your office model.

Our Design Ideas


We analyse all aspect of your office by working with key member of your staff. We see how your employees are working in their current office and inform you thought our workplace document how we would like to see them working going forward.


Once we have a clear idea we can put this information into action.

Our Design Considerations


Our Workplace Design Considerations are;


a. Space utilisation

b. Working Patterns

c. Commuting patterns

d. Flexible working

e. Wellbeing

f. Furniture selection

g. Technologies


Our surveys are structured by team, department, location, job which provides a fundamental insight into how your office is used and recognised.

So why use a Design Consultant, what benefit is it to you?


We know that this process does save you money by reducing the amount of unused space within your office. If we were to save you on rented space 1,000sqft you would be amazed how much money you would save over the period of your lease.


Do you have enough room in your existing or proposed space to expand. We can analyse your office to give you a concrete answer.